• Report sexual harassment.

    Find out your legal options.


    If you're a victim of sexual harassment, you have access to legal recourse.

    Receive financial compensation

    A successful civil lawsuit can mean significant financial winnings from your harasser. You deserve to get compensation for your trauma and loss.

    Get closure

    While the trauma you've been through can never be undone, winning a lawsuit can mean getting the closure you need.

    Stay anonymous

    Some people want to share their story with the public. Others want privacy. It's possible to take legal action while protecting your anonymity.

    Pay nothing to get started

    Lawyers are expensive, but you may not have to pay a cent before winning your case if you receive angel funding. Find out whether your case is eligible here.


    Here's what you can do.


    Report your harassment

    You're never alone, and you will be believed. Tell us your story. It will be kept 100% confidential.


    We take care of the rest.

    We'll find you all the tools (lawyer, counseling, funding) you need to fight back.


    Get the justice you deserve.

    You deserve to be compensated for the trauma inflicted on you. Winning could help you get the closure you need.

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    -Audre Lorde


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